The land plot is situated in the industrial zone to the west from the territory of FLLC “Pride union”: Krugloye urban settlement, Sovietskaya st. 83I
Location: 54°15′27″N, 29°47′19″E

Project description:

The project provides a manufacture of vacuum packed frozen vegetables, fruits, berries and semi-finished products. Freezing is the most ecologic and safe method of fruit and vegetable storage. Freezing helps to save the quality, nutritious substances, vitamins of fruits and vegetables till the moment of cooking. The consumption of frozen products in the highly developed countries reaches 40-100 kg per year by one adult. Yearly the market of frozen food consumption has a 5-7% increase.

Approved town-planning documents:

master plan of Krugloye urban settlement.

Estimated cost of an investment project:

  • Overall investment, $ — 1 200 000;
  • Estimated annual income, $ — 650,000;
  • Initial investment, $ — 35,000;
  • Payback period- 2,5 years.

Complex characteristics:

Area, ha: 1,0
Usage: construction and maintenance of manufacture
Supply systems: water, power, gas and heat supplies are 50 m away
An asphalted access road to the land plot
The road of the republic significance R121 Tolochin-Krugloye-Nyezhkov is 400 m away
Constructions and buildings for demolition: absent
Basic town-planning regulations of the territory development: Industrial public service and storage areas

Necessary equipment:

  • Rapid freezing cryogenic tunnel
  • Freezing compartment (storage)
  • Vegetable preparation equipment
  • Ready products packing equipment
  • Vehicles with refrigerators

Development type

  • Industrial building with the vegetable storage having the area of 2000 m2
  • Staff— 8 people
  • To consider the refurbishment of the adjoining area

Manufacture characteristics:

Production capacity, 4 000 tons of products per year.

Situational scheme

Situational scheme

Layout scheme

Layout scheme