Address: Republic of Belarus, Mogilev Region, Bobruisk District, in the territory near the village of Dubovka

Coordinates: 53.086631, 29.344723

Situational location plan

Investment project description:

The object is an operating business used for pay-fishing and leisure activities. It is a pond with the total area of 7,5 ha stocked with carps, grass carps and silver carps. Near the pond there is a land plot with the total area of 5,2 ha where garden pavilions, camp sites and facilities are situated. The project presupposes the expansion of the services range with the organization of a leisure zone for outdoor activities, fishing. During project implementation it is planned to construct shopping and catering facilities, sports and beach equipment rental center, showers and toilets, guarded car parking for clients.

Competitive advantages of the project:

- Unique natural environment: the distance from the site to the scenic reserve Dubovka Cascade Lakes is 2 km.

- The distance from the site to Bobruisk is 15 km, the distance to the highway Е-271 Minsk-Gomel is 1,9 km and the distance to the railway station Savichi is 2 km.

- Taking into consideration the absence of leisure zones with amenities in these territories the construction of the recreation area will guarantee profits and payback of the investment project.

Main benefits and preferences:

ü  Land plot is provided without conducting any auction;

ü  Exemption from rental payments for the land plots and from the fee for the right to conclude a rental agreement;

ü  Exemption from payment of import customs duties and VAT when processing equipment, its components and spare parts are imported with the purpose of implementation of the investment project;

ü  Exemption from compensation of the losses incurred by agriculture and forestry sector due to land take;

ü  Exemption from payment of the state duty for the issuance of permits to foreign citizens and people without citizenship that grant them the right to work in the Republic of Belarus;

ü  Exemption from the levies earmarked for local government budgets;

ü  Right to construct objects of investment activity and to perform project work for the later stages at the same time;

ü  Commercial organizations located in the territory of small and medium-sized settlements and rural areas that conduct activities in these territories during the period of 7 years are exempt from tax on profits obtained from the realization of own-produced goods (works, services), as well as from real estate tax charged on the cost of permanent structures (buildings, constructions).