Construction of a trade and service center in Mogilev city on Mira avenue -Address: Mira avenue, Mogilev city -Coordinates: 53.913863, 30.369744 -Projects description: The territory for the development is situated in Free economic zone Mogilev which provide a number of exemptions and preferences set by the legislation of Belarus for its residents. Design estimate documentation provides the construction of a warehouse complex with the total area of 7614 м2, an administrative building with the area of 2300 м2, car service and car wash unit with the area of 521,4 м2 and a number of other additional premises. As of today the works on fertile ground removal, deposition of soil for construction, pile field with grillage arrangement providing montage of a warehouse carcass, columns installation, montage of farms and frameworks are completed. This object has a good location and situated 1.8 km away from the city centre, good road connection and in the future there will be a railway road connection. There is a possibility to change the functional usage of the object but on conditions of considering the master plan of Mogilev city. The developer is JSC “Mogilevsoyuzpechat”. The suggested form of participation is shared construction.

Situational scheme:


Lay out scheme:


Photo fixation:




Masterplan of the project:


Plan of premises and constructions


№ Name Note 1 Warehouse complex Projected 2 Newspaper dispatch room Projected 3 Car wash for 2 cars Projected 4 Car service unit for 2 cars Projected 5 Transformer substation Projected 6 Administrative building Projected 7 Parking lot for 14 cars Projected 13 Area of temporary storing Projected 14 Parking lot for 7 cars Projected 15 Parking lot for 5 cars including one for the vehicle of disabled people Projected 16 Sump for circulating water system Projected FH Fire hydrant Projected 3 units Basic technical and economic indicators: Land plot area- 2,18 ha Development area- 9149,54 Construction volume- 78230,0 Useful area- 10161,29 Total area- 10502,49 Period of construction - 16 months Area of an administrative building - 2 307,6 м2; Area of a warehouse complex - 7614 м2; Area of a car wash - 374,1 м2; Area of a car service unit - 147,3 м2; Engineering systems: -electric network with the power of 380 WTT is situated around 1 km away; -water pipe is 0,03 km away; -gas pipe is 0,05 km away. -distance to the M4 highway is 10 km, to the railway -100m. Investment project costs: Total cost (millions USD) 9,5 Investments (millions USD ) 8,2 Participation - shared construction: -JSC “Mogilev soyuzpechat” -20% -Investor -80%

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