1. Arrangement (renovation) of the production based on JSC “Belarusrezinotechnica” -Address: territory of JSC “Be;arusrezinotechnica», Mogilev region, Bobruisk city, Miskaya str.,102 -Coordinates: 53.167094, 29.213188 -Project description: JSC “Belarusrezinotechnica” is the largest producer of rubber technical and polyurethane products in the Republic of Belarus. The number of employees is around 1000 people who work in 5 production units, 2 accredited testing laboratories, accredited calibration laboratory metrology. The production list of the company includes more than 3500 items. Main consumers of these products are the companies belonging to car, tractor, agricultural machine, machine tools, devices and railway building. The partners of the company are among the largest companies of Belarus and the countries of CIS. Production, storage and administrative buildings and constructions, land plots which are available for the further development belong to the company. In order to enlarge the list of products, renovate the production, involve the real estate objects and land plots in the economic turnover JSC “Belarusrezinotechnica” offers cooperation in the following directions: -joint production arranged by means of setting a joint company -to lease or sell out of use real estate objects to arrange allied or new production.

Situational scheme:

Location scheme of investment sites

Site № 1 The area of the land plot is 1,4 ha, construction free area. Site № 2 – the area is 3 ha, situated on the territory of the company. Real estate objects: -a one-storey block and brick building of a pig farm built in 1986, the area is 1444 м2, it has amenity rooms for personnel. Engineering systems require capital repair. The building is in satisfactory condition. - a one-storey brick building of a warehouse built in 1990, the area is 176м2, gates are 4,2 m high. The building is in good condition. Site № 3 – the area is 1,2 ha, construction free area. No real estate objects. Site № 4 –the area is 0,3 ha. Real estate objects: -a two storey brick building built in 1986, its area is 627 м2, there are subsidiary amenity rooms. Engineering systems require capital repair. The building is in satisfactory condition. There are 3 garage boxes attached to the building, gates are 3 m high. An isolated access road can be arranged on the side of Chekhov street. 2. Recreation center based on the children`s recreation camp “Romashka” established by JSC “Belarusrezinotechnica” in Bobruisk district -Address: Shchatkovo village, Bobruisk district, Mogilev region. -Coordinates: 53.234611, 29.166679

Situational scheme:

Lay out scheme:

-Complex characteristics: Land plot area: 16,2378 га. Real estate objects: -three storey brick building of the recreation complex, its area is 4662,7 m2 -canteen building for 200 people, its area is 420 m2 -kitchen has an area of 140 m2 -club with utility rooms -boiler room, artesian well -sports constructions, area is 16m2. Engineering utility systems: all are available; Project description: This projects provides renovation of the existing buildings and constructions to place a recreation centre for 36 rooms with a recreation zone on the territory adjoining to the Berezina river.