Name: Organization of a recreation center on the basis of the children's health camp of LLC "Macaretto" in the Rudeya river district of the Chausy district. Address: in the area of Gorbovichi village, Chausy district, Mogilev region.-Coordinates: 53.834570, 30.689530

Situational scheme:

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Characteristics of the economic complex: The area of the land: 5.45 hectares. Availability of real estate and communications: - 4 two-storey brick buildings of the former wellness camp area of each 700 sq.m. respectively. - There is a sewage system, electricity, artesian well, asphalted approach; Buildings and engineering communications require restoration work Project Description: The project provides for the reconstruction of existing buildings and structures for the organization of a health complex, with the possibility of building stand-alone individual bungalow-style houses with the organization of a recreation area on the territory adjacent to the river Rista. Involvement in economic circulation: - sale. The initial cost of the facility is $ 150,000. The final cost of the object is determined by negotiations.