Currently one of the issues considered by Mogilev development agency is the implementation of investment projects on the land plot of 6.7 ha on Chelyuskintsev st in Mogilev city. Construction of tyre and rubber containing materials recycling plant (shredding or pyrolysis) is considered. There are many used tyres and rubber containing recyclables on the land plot.

The delegation was headed by Zhao Jin, director general of the Commerce Department.

On june 30, 2016 the working meeting was held between Michele Contini, foreign trade counselor Of France in Belarus, and Paul Marinenko, head of Mogilev development agency. The matters of cooperation between the French republic and Mogilev were discussed.

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Meeting with the heads of the private business organizations of the region was held on 06.07.2016 in Krasnopolye region. During the meeting a number of investment objects in the region was analyzed. The result is 5 picked projects in the sphere of delivering service, wood processing, apple processing and the development of the recreational area of Palujsky reservoir.

June 26-27 the Chinese delegation headed by Vice Mayor of the People’s Government of Zhengzhou City Xue Yunwei visited Mogilev. The Chinese delegation visited the Meat Processing Factory, Granny’s Jar Holding. The guests were taken on a guided tour around the city and the Buinichi Field Memorial Complex. But the most significant event was the official meeting at the Mogilev Culture and Leisure Centre with chairman of Mogilev City Vladimir Tsumarev.