IX International investment forum “Mill of success”

X International investment forum “Mill of success”

November 2020

Republic of Belarus, Mogilev, IC Olimpiets, 30 let Pobedy Str.


Ladies and gentlemen!

Ladies and gentlemen!

Mogilev region is the largest industrial, agricultural, scientific region of Belarus. The region borders on the Russian Federation and has a number of geopolitical advantage that in addition to the favorable investment climate, stable social environment and a high economic growth rate makes it one of the most attractive regions for investment and doing business.

We have created the necessary conditions for investment activities. We have established clear business rules for all businesses, open equal access to land and energy resources. Local executive and administrative bodies constantly work to further improve and enhance the effectiveness of the system of state support of the investment process.

Mogilev region provides a wide range of opportunities for investment in various sectors of the economy for both Belarusian and foreign businessmen. It regards now primarily to the largest projects that are important for the viability of the region and help to create new opportunities for doing business. The Decree of the President of the Republic of Belarus of June 8, 2015 № 235 «On the social economic development of the south-eastern districts of Mogilev region», gives a number of preferences for the development of the south-eastern region, which include the creation of new businesses and industries in Krichev, Klimovichi, Krasnopolye, Kostyukovichy, Slavgorod, Cherikov and Khotimsk areas.

Our region is always open for cooperation. Welcome to Mogilev Region!

Chairman of Mogilev Regional Executive Committee

The forum gives a unique possibility to visit the exhibition of investment and innovative projects presenting the best offers of the high priority directions of the regional development.

Due to the high interest and economic significance the participants from more than 40 countries will take part in the forum. Among the participants there will be representatives of the legal bodies, the chamber of commerce and industry, the diplomatic body and famous global companies.

The forum will be divided into the following sections:

Conference "Innovations – from science to production: progress, problems, perspectives"

Conducting international B2B meetings

Exhibition of the innovative and industrial potential of Mogilev Region

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